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About Mike’s Factory Direct

Mike’s Factory Direct was established in 1999 in beautiful Fairfield County, CT. We are a family owned business and have been that way since our inception. We come from humble beginnings, starting off with only 100 sq. ft of warehouse space and a pickup truck. Since then we have experienced a tremendous amount of growth. We are not in a retail space; in fact, you would probably miss us if you were just driving by. We keep it simple with 7500 sq. ft. of combined showroom & warehouse space, 2 sales people and 2 delivery guys.

We’ve been told a thousand times “we didn’t know what to expect when we came here but we have to admit we’re pleasantly surprised by the quality and price of your products!” People often tell us that we are the best kept secret around and I respond by saying “we’re not trying to be”. The fact that we personally deliver 90% of what leaves our warehouse makes it an easy decision to drive an hour or 2 or 3 to save thousands of dollars knowing you don’t have to rent a U haul or borrow someone’s truck. We definitely are not the largest retailer and may never be; but we pride ourselves on the best prices, value and selection anywhere in our local area.

Well that’s our story, we started in a 100 sq. ft. warehouse, my office was the front seat of my truck and today we all have our own desks in our 4,000 sq. ft showroom, and separate 3,500 sq. ft. inventory warehouse. We have personally delivered as far south as Philadelphia and as far north as the Canadian border. We don’t let little things like distance and logistics stand in our way of making someone happy. With over 7,500 happy customers to date, we hope you decide to visit Mike’s Factory Direct soon so we can add you to our list of satisfied customers! Our designs and products are continually changing so feel free to return as much as you would like and remember to refer as many people as possible! Thanks in advance for your help and support in continuing to make Mike’s Factory Direct the best kept secret in Fairfield County, CT!

Thank you for your business!

Michael Piazzaroli -Owner