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Come in for a Hot Tub Test Soak!

The idea of jumping into a hot tub on a show room floor may seem a little odd. Soaking in your swimsuit at the dealership may not come naturally to many. While it may go against your basic instinct, take advantage of this fantastic opportunity. It’s the best way to compare hot tub models and learn about which hot tub is your best match.

When buying a hot tub, there are a myriad of factors to consider, like brand reputation, cost, quality, energy efficiency, warranty, etc. But nothing can replace the realizations that come with experience.

Look for these things when testing a hot tub:

  1. Are the jets powerful? Deep tissue massage might not always be your thing, but when you need that little extra “oomph,” you need a motor that can deliver.
  2. Can you adjust the jets easily? Are you able to easily switch from gentle massage to deep tissue treatment?
  3. Do the hot tub seats fit your body type and enhance your comfort?
  4. Are you able to sit still in your seat with comfortable ridges to place your feet? Or do you float out of your seat, upsetting your relaxation efforts?
  5. Does the spa provide different massage settings in different seats for various parts of the body?
  6. Do the jets provide massage for major muscle groups? Are they adjustable so you can customize your massage?
  7. Can you easily reach and adjust the controls? Make sure you test all the spa’s features!

What Else Should I Know?

  1. Test as many spas as you can! Every spa will feel great, but subtle differences will come to light the more you compare different models. If you can, test various models on the same day, so the highlights and comparisons are fresh in your mind.
  2. Look for more than just appearance. A spa with a dozen shiny jets looks nice, but that doesn’t guarantee performance. Dig below the surface beauty of each spa and check out exactly what the spa provides.


Your Thoughts

These are just a few reasons taking a hot tub for a test spin is a great idea. Would you demo spa when buying? Are you comfortable hanging out in a spa dealer’s showroom? Would you bring anybody along to test soak with you, and if so, who? When testing tubs, what features are most important to you?

Leave your answers in the comments –  we can’t wait to hear what you think. Thank you!